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 DU Update July 18

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PostSubject: DU Update July 18   DU Update July 18 I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 18, 2010 4:13 pm

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Hey DU! Our guild site got a new banner created
by Merista. Alot better then the one we had up before. Smile

Now for a small update on DU and what we're up to.

Lairs: We may be hosting the weekend lairs (Sat/Sun) to
help EF out a little. If you have questions on that just ask.
If you are usually busy lvling when its time for lairs, we hope
you can atleast make time on Sat/Sun. Ty.
*Edit: Sat/Sun Confirmed, Lvl 61+ Plz attend if possible, Thx =D

MM: We will be running this everyday After lairs depending if
we have enough players online or not. If you're lvl 60+ feel
free to join us.

DU Roster: We will be cleaning the roster up, removin inactives
and adding actives. Questions? ask.

Staff Meeting: We have our monthly staff meeting 1st Sat of every
month for BH, Elders and ofcourse CP. If you're staff plz log on.


This is DU 4 Life! Represent those words above your head with pride!
Always stay humble, and stay united!


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DU Update July 18
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